Nanonets updates
Nanonets updates

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When reviewing multi-page documents, you can now search for and jump to the page number you want to review.

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Easier Table Editing




Editing or Annotating Tables just got better! We've updated our Table annotation tool (a feature on the Pro plan or above) to allow for faster and easier editing. Users will now be able to:

  1. Click to Split rows or columns
  2. Append rows or columns to the ends of the grid
  3. Exclude Headers from auto-captured tables

Watch our tutorial on Table annotation to see how this works:

Customise the All files View




You can now edit the columns displayed on the Extract data view where all your files are listed. You can toggle the visibility for and change the positions of the following columns:

  • File name
  • Validation status
  • Review status
  • Last modified at (New)
  • Uploaded at
  • Uploaded by (New)
  • Assigned to

The columns displaying the seller name and invoice amount will be shown on the Invoice pre-trained models by default.

The Last modified at column will sort files by the timestamp they were last edited at. This would include Labels or text edited/deleted/added, Post-processing/formatting run or Review Status changed on the file.

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Move files back to a previous stage




If you have multiple review stages in your approval workflow, you will now be able to move files back to previous review stages, in case they were moved forward erroneously by the previous reviewer.

Mark files as Rejected




You can now assign a new status to your documents - Rejected. Once you Reject a document, it will be rendered uneditable and will not be processed further down your workflow. You will be able to search for rejected files using the Filters on the All files page.

Better async support for exports




Previously, if you had external integrations setup for multi page PDF files uploaded via the async API or sent via email attachments, these integrations would get triggered for each page in the document. This would lead to unintentional side effects in your integrations such as the triggering of integrations multiple times.

Support has been added to trigger them only once at a file level.

New validation rules




There are new amount and string based validation rules. You can now configure amount based validations rules. For eg: A finance manager should only get a document for review if the total amount on the invoices crosses $5000

Currency detector




There's a new and improved currency detector. This is available as a post processing step. Currencies will appear as 3 digits codes that can be changed via a simple dropdown

Email notifications




Your team members can now get notified when files are assigned to them or when validation rules against your files trigger a review.

You can also set the notification settings from your accounts section, these can be configured at an immediate, daily and weekly level.

Document level results




Nanonets finally has document level results! This has been a long standing feature request from a lot of our customers.

This feature gives you the ability to process documents at a file level as opposed to a page level. Results will also be available only at a file level across our APIs and CSV downloads and external integrations.